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Magnus Olafsson and family

Welcome to the web site of Sveinsstadir.

We are a family of farmers who have lived on and farmed this land for over 400 years. We are a dairy farm, which raises sheep, and breeds excellent Icelandic horses!
Our farm is located in the Northwestern area of Iceland.

Horses for sale

Throughout the year we have many different kinds of horses for sale. Some of the horses are from our own breeding lines, and some are excellent horses we have acquired during our travels around Iceland.
If we do not have the horse you want on our farm, we can help you locate your "dream horse" from neighboring farms. We are in constant contact with other breeders in the area and have access to many, many excellent horses!

Fishing license

We can provide information and book a spot for you to angling (fish) on the spectacular Vatnsdalsa River, which runs through our farm. The Vatnsdalsa River is considered to be one of the best salmon and trout rivers in Iceland.
The trout area angling.is/Vatnsdalsa/silungur

The salmon area

A flying farmer

I fly my own airplane, a Chesna HAUK XP. I fly a lot in the fall and use the plane to locate lost sheep and horses in the highlands during the annual round-ups.

A bit in Icelandic.. Aðeins á Íslensku

Þessi heimasíða er fyrst og fremst fyrir erlenda viðskiptavini og er því á ensku.

Auglýsing á síðuna

Seljum hross fyrir Hùnvetninga. Kynnum þau m.a. á vefnum og með persónulegu sambandi við hugsanlega kaupendur.

Please Email us MAO@CENTRUM.IS


A trip from the US & Canada to buy horse in Iceland

Oct. 1st 2001 and May 6th 2002

Would you like to go to Iceland to buy your dream horse. We can offer you a special trip early in October 2001 and in May 2002 for very low price. The flight to Iceland, bed and breakfast, dinner every night and almost everything in Iceland is include. You will have a lot of fun and you can make many good contact in Iceland. You will test a lot of horses and see part of our beautiful country. In the October trip you will take part in a horse round up. Read more about it in
  • Trip to Iceland.

    If you are interested please contact our.

    We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream horse or organize your fishing trip on our lovely river.

    "It is our commitment to sell only top quality horses. We pride ourselves in being able to match the right horse with the right rider!"

    Please Email us MAO@CENTRUM.IS

    This is our valley, Vatnsdalur. A view from my plane.

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